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Mauricio Featherman Marketing Analytics

Online Books

Link to thousands of business and IT books which can be read for free

  1. Go to this web\skillsoft

    You will have log in with your network ID (you can also use and use Skillport

  2. Near the top on teh right hand side select 24×7 – this will bring you to another screen where you can view tons of business books onscreen for free.

  3. Search for books that may interest you.
  4. For the IS and IT minded folk, a full complement of certification books areĀ  available (e.g. MSDBA, MCSE, MCAD, etc.)

So you are provided thousands of dollars of free software, a professor that wants to help you learn it, and tons of free books which teach you business strategy, practice and how to use many different types of software. There now is virtually no restraint on your learning process. Who wants to make some $$$$?