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Mauricio Featherman Marketing Analytics

Video Reviews

This class utilizes class sessions, lab sessions, and group assignment sessions to impart perspective and skills. This page organizes a 4th learning mode and channel; video review, analysis and interpretation.

Video content is used because there isn’t enough time in class or in labs to give you the BI/BA perspective that is needed, and because industry professionals with valued experience and perspective are providing high-quality content. It makes sense to use a multi-channel approach to learning, and to leverage the high-quality information available.

In the comfort of your homes, please review the following online videos. While you are watching the videos, pause them and take notes of the:

  1. key points

  2. key processes,

  3. major examples used

  4. your key insights that you discovered.

  5. if specific questions are asked, please ensure you respond to them.

After you take notes, convert them into well-formed paragraphs and provide a 1 or 2 page review.  Use a title such as Video Review of **** and add your name to the top. Be sure add a summary paragraph at the end that integrates the key points and different content. Add your interpretation of the importance, and likely business usage (and future usage) of the reviewed technology. Conclude with your personal reaction, comments and any supplemental research you want to add.

pricing analytics
demand forecasting
revenue management
promotion analytics
HR analytics
Embedded analytics
Actuarial analytics
Why is Tom Brady a student of errors? Explain. Did you know that engineers study errors?
In the business place, what is an analytical culture
How can analytics transform organizations?


2. What is BI? Describe the history of BI

(BI systems make managers aware of problems, trends, performance status, etc.)


d) Part 1:
Part 2:


3. What is business analysis, a business analyst, and analytics, How can you be a good business analyst?

a) * part 1 –
* part 2 –





BI/BA questions: what happened, why did it happen, what’s happening now, what might happen, what’s likely to happen, and what actions should be taken.

4. Types of Business Analytics

a) (30 min.)

5. Multi-Channel Analytics



“we often mistake feedback with measurement. Measurement allows us to evaluate performance.” Larry Fried
What’s more important to measure, behavior or satisfaction?
What are Larry’s “3 questions” of business analytics?

6. Web Analytics


b) Over view of Google analytics