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Mauricio Featherman Web Programming



  1. I can’t seem to connect to the Pullman databases – either in your sample programs or in the server explorer in my website.
    When outside of Todd Hall you will need to authenticate yourself to the database server (when doing database work – which means the start of module 2)
    Therefore please browse to, search for, download and install the VPN software that matches your operating system. Fire up this VPN software before each database session. I have heard that students also need to disable the firewall on their computer (such as zone alarm) or figure out how to allow communication to servers.
    VPN? What?
    Here is some info from a student. I went into the IT help desk yesterday, and they were able to help me get a VPN connection set up.  I was trying to use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client that the school’s website said would be necessary.  It turns out it wasn’t needed at all, and the IT guys hadn’t even heard of it.  Instead we just went into the control panel and set up a VPN connection with the destination set as  Then from there it asked for the username and password and using AD\network ID and password worked to get it connected.  Once the connection was up and running I was able to access my website in VS10 and work on my assignment.
  2. Still Can’t connect to my website from home:
    investigate these things a) have VPN connection, b) firewall is turned off c) use a wired rather than wireless connection, d) when logging in be sure to use AD\networkID, e) call COUGTech.
    Assistance from CougTech is available via or 509-335-4357
  3. Can I get a letter of reference or linked-in endorsement?
    I can’t endorse a student that I do not know. If I seem to be interrupting your social media connectivity, and you never or rarely utter a word, then sorry I can’t recommend someone that I do not know. But then again that kind of student probably doesn’t need or want need my assistance.
    Sure if asked I can look up your grade and claim you achieved academically, but this is not all that  recruiters want. Recruiters want personable, affable employees. It’s ok to talk and let yourself be heard and known. It’s ok to be friendly to your professors, and to ask questions or share insights.
    Some suggestions: be one of the best in the class, make it look easy. Exhibit resourcefulness, responsibility and respect. Show up to most labs and help others. Also do not miss more than 1 or 2 classes all semester. In class be friendly, cheerful, engaged and helpful to others. If you fulfill these requirements you will be one of the top students then I am happy to write you a letter of recommendation, now and 20 years from now. But then again if you develop these traits you won’t need a letter of recommendation, the recruiters can tell you are employable.
  4. Can I just list you as a reference?
    Make sure I know you, and get a B or better in my programming class.
  5. Can you help me get a job?
    Maybe if you are one of the best. If you do not talk, exhibit your personality or make yourself ready then maybe not. The companies I know are full of high-performingMISALUMNI@WSU Coug technologists and they therefore are picky. You can also just be proactive and contact others on the Linked In site. I do not recommend students that display unprofessional classroom or correspondence behavior. An alumni sent me this link that might help.
  6. What are companies looking for?
    Ambition. Integrity. Enthusiasm. Courage. Grit. A can-do rather than can complain personality. A natural curiosity. Self-starters that learn more than they are required to. Professionalism. Courtesy and tactfulness, Whatever the opposite of self-centered, self entitlement is. Skilled technologists that are also leaders, with a high EQ. They want personable, well-groomed, ambitious men and women that are ambitious and know that hard work makes career success more likely.
  7. What should I do if the web server or database server is down?
    Go down to Todd 116 and talk to Tyson and ask for a reboot (or call 509.335.9517). Calling is the fastest way to contact Tyson.
  8. Can I resubmit a homework assignment?
    A few others have asked me to allow rework and I totally understand the request.
    We do not have labor capacity to allow grading of rework (resubmitted assignments). Both the TA and I receive an overwhelming set of requests related to current projects, future project, assignments, non-class related projects and many other topics such as career planning.
    All this student interaction overloads the ability of 2 people to grade and support, etc. So unfortunately I have decided that both the TA and myself should spend our time pushing people forward to the finish line, rather than going back and forward at the same time.
    I totally understand the desire to fix mistakes and make continual improvement. I respect that in a coder. Its best however for our class together to push ahead, embrace the new content and let old projects go. Using this approach you will in the long run, excel and go much further. Don’t worry about losing points here and there, just excel in the next iteration and turn in an outstanding final project. The best students (the cream) always rise to the top, so don’t worry that you missed a point here or there. Perfectionism is not possible in a fast paced and difficult class.
    If you have any extra time for class projects other than mastering the current content, please put that passion and effort into your final project.
  9. What zip format can I use to upload HW?
    Only .zip not .rar or .7zip or others
  10. What is cheating?
    Cheating is a behavior that lacks academic integrity. Some examples are turning in others work as your own, using notes or the internet on a phone or PC during an exam, taking pictures of your exam with a phone-camera, looking at your neighbor’s screens or papers during an exam.
  11. Why can’t I paste my website URL into a browser and see my website
    For security purposes the server block directory viewing, just include the name of a specific file in the webspace
  12. Why can’t I change the names of files after I create them?
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – be sure to change the names of both the files. Because each project is a set of files that interconnect (code behind files), and updates are not automatic.When naming the file, the file extension needs to remain unchanged.
  13. Stuck on VB.NET installation?
    What’s that software to load an .iso file?
    Daemon Tools Lite. Here’s a video that may help a little.
  14. How do I zip/unzip a windows project?
    check this video
  15. How do I submit HW?
    For Windows projects zip up the top level folder and upload to angel Dropbox. (here is a video that demonstrates that. For web projects copy/paste code into a word document and upload to angel, include web page URL
  16. How do I excel in this class?
    First don’t work alone, second use repetition so that the code examples become simplistic.
  17. Do you mean I have to memorize code?
    Yes memorize the best practices. By using repetition you can’t help but remember a lot. Focus primarily on the common routines that you seem to write over and over… the methodologies used to perform some functionality. You are expected to practice writing sample applications so often that you become fast, and exams become easy.