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Mauricio Featherman Web Programming


Advice to all class participants (From a guy that has taught >40 prior programming classes.)
The strategy to achieve high academic success in this class and the MIS major is simple. Practice, repetition, and playfulness. Can you learn to play the piano just by showing up to piano class twice per week?

The more weekly coding and database playtime sessions you have, the easier the classes get. If you become skillful in database and web programming activities, you will have multiple job offers. Why? Because you have proved that you have learned how to learn, and you will be gaining a mastery of information processing, manipulation and storage. You may take a job in BI, CMS administration, data analysis, web design, or 10 other job titles that are not pure programming jobs. Each of these MIS jobs require some level of IT-enabled problem-solving approaches – which will include programming, systems design & development thinking. ThisĀ  is all a fancy way of saying you learn to be a better problem solver if you can think like a programmer.

Anyone can learn to program at a very high level (and get paid$). But you should know that you can’t cram this class, not possible. Treat it like a 6 unit class. For this class I just ask for an hour per day. If you get into this habit the class gets MUCH simpler. Add more time when preparing for exams or for HW. Other people like to code 3 times per week in longer time blocks, still others prefer group session marathons.

You just have to put in your time learning the content, try to make learning it a game. Consider sharing your works of art with class mates. Coding can be magical, but unfortunately there are dues that first must be paid.

The content gets exponentially easier with every hour you put in playing around with the Visual Basic code. Programming is like playing video games; it’s a joyful experience ONLY once you learn the basic moves (which does takes time though). Its really fun to make great web apps and show them off !

On a final note, If any student gets bored due to prior experience, jump right to the final project, and ask for higher-level content.


Set-up Activities – Installing software

Please use this link to provide info we need to set-up your web and db accounts

Intro advisory note:

You are advised to
1. complete your testing, reading, and recoding of class projects and doing additional reading to understand how and why the code works. THEN

2. in a playful session, create a demo project that reinforces your understanding of the class projects THEN

3. With a paper and pencil (or notepad) plan out your homework of playtime project

BEFORE you start codingĀ  assignments. Shortcutting this plan for example to just get some HW assignment done will create confusion

4. Most importantly code with a class buddy

As a final note, if this is your first programming class, then it is probably wise to learn how to code using the same style as your professor. If you have prior experience with programming then feel free to use different techniques, however you must answer the exam questions using VB.NET and the objects that are taught in this class.