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Mauricio Featherman Web Programming

Training Videos

Featherman’s ASP.NET/SQL Server Programming Videos

This page provides video training resources designed to teach you the import business skill called computer programming. Programming is a skill that anyone can learn. The most important takeaways from learning programming is to ‘think like a programmer” and to remove the mystery behind websites. Sometimes the learning process is frustrating other times exhilarating. Programming is also a way of thinking and problem solving. If you want to gain mastery over data then knowing programming is necessary. IF you want to be a good business analyst or ETL designer or DBA, programming is necessary.

The content here merges website programming using Visual Studio and VB.NET and T-SQL database programming. It is important that you learn both website and database programming and learn to find the synergies and power this combination afford. While T-SQL is the most popular programming language to manipulate data, knowing how to create website interfaces to the databse is important. This course teaches how to make ASP.NET websites using Visual Basic programming language, and connecting to SQL Server databases.  A combination of VB.NET programming and T-SQL stored procedures are used. This content is Microsoft-focused as all the tools are rock solid and free for WSU students.

Here is an overview of how Featherman teaches programming. His approach is unique and is designed to teach you how to solve problems with data-based websites. Rather than get bogged down in the minutiae and complexity of programming, the focus remains in the business domain of solving business problems for profits and performance. The code is equally split between VB.NET (in the web page) and SQL (in the database). This is unique and very powerful approach.

Your learning experience which is captured in the sample programs and videos below, is easily the best in the PAC-12 and amongst the best in the nation. Most programming classes focus on teaching you the various ways how to code. Your WSU experience teaches you how to solve problems (and in the meantime learn programming technology to solve the problem to reap the business benefits). This might not seem to be a big difference, but ask around and compare your learning experience with other students’.

You can benefit from his approach to perform your own “great leap forward” in your technical skills. This course is designed to lift you up and prepare you for your database course, your analytics course, your data warehouse course and your mobile apps development course. For example analytics requires strong SQL skills that are developed in our class, ETL processes used to design and populate data cubes use SQL skills, and mobile apps classes can call SQL stored procedures.

Note: the tables used in the videos are now on with a userID of mfstudent and password of BIAnalyst. If the videos do not run on your computer, try going to and installing a free program called VLC.

Helper VideosDownloadingsamplePrograms.mp4

ZippingUPaWebsite.mp4 - use this when submitting assignments made in a localhost website.
Topic 1
Introductory Programming ProjectsIntroPOSForm.mp4 - using dropdownlists, and textboxes, this webpage creates a point of sale form to calculate transaction charges.

FirstProject.mp4 - includes if-then
Topic 2
Making your programs more robust and usefulValidatingUserEntry.mp4 - making your programs bullet-proof. This video shows how to check that user entry is in the format expected by the processing machine.

PageLevelVariables.mp4 - Checking user entry, Image.ImageURL, panels, passwords
Topic 3
Control Structures - dealing with varied user-entrySelectCase.mp4

Topic 4
Using more Web Controls and More Error checkingControls.mp4 - Using Different ASP.NET controls

- Populating the items collection of controls from columns from a database table using a SQLDataSource control.

ErrorChecking.mp4 - this video placed after the select case and control structures video. The main message of the video is that when you are testing user entry for different problems use the term ORELSE in-between the different tests. Also error checking must be well thought out especially for fields that are optional, so that subsequent lines of code that expect a valid value will not blow up. We will see the importance of error checking again when we start calling stored procedures.
Topic 5
Loops & Working with Time & Date Variables and ControlsLoopsTheMovie.mp4 - covers for next and for each loops

TimeSpan.mp4 - shows how to use values from a calendar control and how to perform calculations on time or days - for example to calculate # of days or hours.

DateTimeNew.mp4 - shows off the new ways to use the new textbox textmode of datetime and date. A labor recording system is demonstrated.
Topic 6
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
Setting up your SQL Database - This is where Part 2 of the course Occurs. Its time to start to plan your final project


Topic 7
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
DataBase Inserts & Updates - this content is used to create Transaction Processing Systems



ADO.NET Glossary
Topic 8
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
Database Inserts and Updates (aka Upserts) using Stored Procedures
Topic 9
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
Creating Transaction Processing Systems

Construction Timekeeping.mp4
Topic 10
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
Interacting with your database - Selecting & Retrieving - this content has an analytics focus
Note: the tables used in the videos are now on with a
userID of mfstudent and password of BIAnalyst.



Topic 11
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
Working with SQL
Note: the tables used in the videos are now on with a
userID of mfstudent and password of BIAnalyst.


Topic 12
For Pullman versions of MIS325 only -
Calling T-SQL Stored Procedures
Note: the tables used in the videos are now on with a
userID of mfstudent and password of BIAnalyst.

Topic 13
Business AnalyticsNote: the tables used in the videos are now on with a
userID of mfstudent and password of BIAnalyst.

Topic 14
Human Computer Interface (HCI) ContentMasterPages.mp4Topic 15
MiscellaneousReducingTheLineOfCodeInYourProject.mp4Topic 16
Special topicsTopic 17